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How we will make fashion circular


Food production will need to increase 70% by 2050 to feed the rising global population. This emphasises the need for farmers to prioritise nutritious, land efficient food crops such as the potato, the original “superfood”.

Despite the potato's huge global popularity, the stems above are less loved due to their inedibility and difficulty to compost. We help farmers remove this waste whilst providing them an additional source of income to foster sustainable farming practices and support the UK’s shift to regenerative agriculture. Through this, we can divert up to 4.5 million tonnes of this material from being wasted in the UK, if converted to textile this could supply 30% of the country’s annual fashion consumption.


We separate the stems into individual fibres using our process.

As our fibre lengths are within the spinnable range and are chemically similar to natural textiles, we save R&D costs by using existing machinery to produce thread in-house, and then outsource to mills for weaving and dyeing.
Altogether this results in a sustainable and scalable solution to efficiently produce our material.


We then sell our material to fashion companies with an aligning sustainability vision. It is important to us that the resulting clothing can be recycled and is made of biodegradable components to ensure the entire system remains circular.

Although we are still in R&D, we have had positive interest from a range of suitable brands in the US, Europe and UK - we are excited to see fibe P1 collections soon!

End of Life

Many brands now promote textile recycling points. Being made from natural fibres, clothing made from our material can easily integrate into this. In the event that our textile cannot make its way to a recycling plant, it is entirely biodegradable on both land and sea as well as being compostable.

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