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Our Story

Started from the bottom now we are here

It all started in a small shipping container...

After graduating from university the team moved into half a shipping container at BLOQS co-working space. We barely had enough room to fit all of us together in the space and we didn't even have running water in our “lab”. Here we ran our first real experiments on the potato harvest waste we collected by hand from friendly farmers. Focusing on validating our claims and gathering resources we spent our time verifying that our project has a future.

The Mills Fabrica

As a part of The Techstyle for Social Good award we got free residence at the Mills Fabrica London for 6 months, being in the heart of fashion innovation in the UK we had ample opportunity to start talking with collaborators and gain momentum in the industry. Here the team expanded significantly through collaborative projects with many London universities. As our time at the Mills Fabrica came to an end we left them with a talk and display in their Fabrica X space, where anyone can see our material and learn more about us until August 2023.

And now we can be found...

Starting a new Innovate UK project we moved to Makerversity in Somerset House. With a new location we have space to buy more equipment and larger machines for our research as we refined our recipe. Being in a Maker-specific location allows our development to accelerate significantly, bringing us closer to a mass-scale production.