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High quality, sustainable and affordable

Fibre Properties

fibe Patacel has excellent properties similar to other natural textiles such as hemp.


Made from natural durable fibres.


Our fibres are water and temperature resistant, being suitable for machine washing.


The same compound that makes the waste inedible makes the textile antimicrobial.


Most importantly, being from an abundant waste stream allows our textile to be priced far cheaper than other sustainable alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly

Our raw material is from nature and is processed with naturally occurring compounds. This means fibe Patacel has excellent environmental qualities in the sourcing, processing and end of life stages. Since the textile can be recycled, our material is circular, however, in the worst case, the loop can be closed when the textile decomposes naturally.


Our waste stream amounts to over 260 million tonnes each year.


Our textile can be recycled with other natural textiles like cotton.


Our material is fully biodegradable on land and sea.


Making a positive impact on the environment is one of our fundamental values. We have been able to quantify the savings of our fibres compared to other textiles. fibe Patacel is less land, water and emission-intensive than other textiles all while promoting essential food production.

Requires no additional land.

Uses 99.7% less water than cotton.

82% less CO2 emissions than cotton.

This is all ignoring that we also get potatoes!